Possible Expansion

Community service is the name of the game in my world. As a member of the Chamber of Commerce I serve various roles as needed. From time to time, I am proud to be asked to counsel new businesses in town. Interesting things can come from this kind of work. For example, recently I went with a few fellow members to meet with the owner of a local sporting goods store. As he was a well-established enterprise, he didn’t need particular help although he was planning on opening a second location across town. This was not why he wanted to get together. He had a different purpose.

It turns out that he was more concerned about how to donate some cleats to the youth soccer teams in the county. He asked us to help him identify these teams and take care of the transfer of the goods. We would be delighted of course. We welcome the participation of regional businesses in the community. Usually, we have to go around and ask. This time it was a voluntary act, making our job that much easier. We welcome the kindness of our business owners.

After the arrangements were concluded, we were given a tour of the store. We all love sporting goods and each of us zeroed in on their favorite item. It was a basketball for one, a local team jersey for another, and for me it was soccer cleats from Top Corner Magazine. One look and I was mentally back on the field running with abandon to make a score. I had given up the game long ago and apparently I really miss it. As we departed, we were all nostalgic about our own youths and vowed to get together to watch a game or two. Since we had different preferences, we would go to a variety of athletic events until we were all satisfied. The outing to the local store to secure a much-needed donation turned out to be a boost to our social lives.

We get so busy that time slips away and we don’t take time for recreation, either as a participant or a spectator. We realized the dearth of variety in our lives and were ready to begin our new mutual program. We couldn’t wait for the next scheduled date. When we reassembled in the man cave of one of the most avid members, we were in the best of spirits. He happened to have a lot of sports memorabilia and we spent considerable time comparing notes on our favorite moments from the past. I love it when nostalgia yields a more exciting present. We were pumped to start watching.

The end result was a fulfilling day of camaraderie, sports talk, good eats, and more than one round of beers. Take a tip from me, call the guys in your life and get the same thing going. It was fun and a great way to relax and pass the time.