Opening a Business?

How much should I spend on an exercise trampoline? This was the question of the day recently when I decided that I need more exercise and only had time to do it at home. They come in sizes suitable for the house with larger ones designated for the outside. I belong to a gym and that is a monthly expense, so the question of cost was not irrelevant. I ask the same thing when considering opening a new business. There are startup expenses including buying equipment, hiring staff, choosing furnishings and a basic décor, not to mention supplies and odds and ends. It is the business man in me to treat all endeavors the same way.

Thus, before selecting the final choice, I did my research as I would for any new enterprise. I looked at the varied alternatives and competitive prices and read all about the various models which was when I came across this page: Trampolines are not all alike. They can be mini, small, and regulation size (if you are lucky enough to have this much space). They are round or rectangular and come in different colored frames. Materials vary from hard rubber (for safety purposes) and lightweight aluminum.  I wanted to be sure I got a good price for a unit that was well-constructed, durable, and portable. I didn’t want to do much assembly so this service would have to come with the delivery. If I used a local supplier, I could count on this option. Time saving and cost effectiveness go hand in hand every time. As a business consultant, I have helped many young entrepreneurs. Now it was time to give me a piece of my own advice. What was my conclusion? Wait for the reveal.

My first act was to talk with a friend on Facebook who owns a fitness club. He had to go through the process of analysis when buying his various trampolines. He must have a checklist of features and considerations. He told me to read about the different manufacturers and compare reviews. This helped a lot. When a customer is not pleased, they tell you why in carefully chosen words. It was important for my friend’s business because he could not afford to make any mistakes, nor to buy trampolines that would break easily when used by a large client. He said you want to buy something suitable for most anyone. Consulting the weight and height chart is the best way to choose a strong model. Many purchasers have made the error of buying something for children or teens. They are typical users, but in my case, it would be an average adult.

When opening a business, customer need is primary and I applied this principle to my new trampoline. It was a good object lesson that worked very well. My choice was a mid-range brand known for quality and reliability. The materials are tough and destined for years of usage. My friend agreed when he saw my choice and told me I would not regret my sound decision.