Not the Worst Way to Spend a Day

I am always in tune with what is going on in my community. It may be a political campaign, the inauguration of a new business, a charity ball, or breaking ground on a new building. All these things affect the citizens and I like to be in the know. I had heard that a once open grassy field was going to become a modern office park. It would provide opportunity for employment. I was totally in favor. A friend was also interested in this field, but for an entirely different reason. He wanted to go there to do some metal detecting and asked me to come along. Why not, I thought. I had never done this before nor had a clue as to what it entailed. It was time to learn something new.

He told me he would explain everything on the way. It would not be the worst way to spend a free day. He showed me the detecting device and how it worked. Any novice can learn to do it. This was encouraging but I said that I preferred to watch. Okay, he answered, watch and learn. I was curious as to what he would find. Who ever goes to this field? He said that it used to be used as a picnic and fair grounds years ago. Heavens knows what was left behind. Coins easily fall out of pockets. Rings and bracelets come off fingers and hands. There is definitely a possibility for discovery. It is fun to see what happens.

As he operated the metal detector, a new way for “panning” for gold, he offered some advice. I will give you five tips that will help propel you into the status of a pro, but if you want some more, visit Finding a Fortune.

  1. Read the instructions for your device so you can properly set it to the right “sensitivity” for gold and coins. It is also called “discrimination.” A bench test is mandatory.
  2. If you find a “lode” don’t give up after one object. There may well be more at this site. It happens all the time.
  3. Roam about freely to cover as much territory as possible. Remember why you are here. No doubt it has a history of success for coin shooting, the name of the game.
  4. Inspect your booty so you know what else might be in the area. If you find, jewelry, can you see the carat mark. If coins, what are the dates. Old ones may be quite valuable.
  5. Don’t over clean coins as you might harm the surface. Maintain the same condition in which it was found. Let your dealer decide.

After a long afternoon trek about the field, I noticed that my friend had filled a small leather pouch. This was how he liked to take his found objects home. The best of the lot was a gold watch believe it or not. Wouldn’t the owner miss it? Remember, he said, how long ago it might have been. No guilt!