Job Fair

The Joplin Chamber of Commerce supports community development. A large part of this is recruiting new businesses. Most are happy to join as it affords most a wonderful networking opportunity. If an enterprise wants a presence in the city, becoming a member is a must. It is also open to individuals who may be self-employed.

Any Chamber of Commerce has special responsibilities. After members join, they can attend meetings and vote on important local issues. Seminars are available on topics of mutual interest including business development and personal growth. The job market is covered and what one can expect today in terms of health care plans and other benefits. New businesses can be counseled on starting a viable program on a group rate basis.

Among its many duties, a Chamber of Commerce may be contacted for information on a specific type of business. Let’s say a homeowner is looking to remodel his or her home and needs a reputable contractor. The organization can provide a list of approved contacts. This is somewhat like the Better Business Bureau with the exception that the names are on a short list and may be limited to members. Both referral services are known to be trustworthy.

This makes a Chamber of Commerce a go-to network of businesses in a given city or town as well as a source of information on jobs in the area. Every organization is different, but I know that my group posts jobs and helps counsel applicants on interview techniques. It is therefore no surprise that I recently attended a job fair at a local high school for my own company. I had acquired significant training as a Chamber member. I can talk about my career and what else is around in the same field. I also can discuss how to dress and the proper demeanor for an interview. Young people in particular are very ignorant of the unspoken rules.

It is best to enquire at the time you schedule an appointment, but if you are in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a professional appearance. I dressed the part at the fair to show what I am talking about. This means a business suit: shirt, pants, tie, and leather closed-toe shoes. It means a recent haircut and no tattoos showing or piercings. A good accessory is a business backpack suitable for most positions. A formal briefcase is optional, but it is not required. I personally feel that a nice leather or canvas bag in black or brown will suffice.

Visitors to my booth at the job fair always ask what a typical day at work is like. I walk them through my day and throw in advice about getting along with the boss and your colleagues. No one will last for long if they are argumentative or belligerent. Keep your emotions at home, I say. Control your moods and always exhibit a positive attitude. Don’t leave work early and avoid long lunches. Succeeding is simple if you do your work well and on time.