Increased Peace of Mind

You can’t be too careful when it comes to self protection. This fact stares you in the face when reading about home invasion or mugging statistics. There has been a lot of publicity lately about self defense and personal security. Maybe it is because the statistics are formidable and due to public outcry and the need for a remedy to rampant criminal acts. Many of the assailants and robbers are drug addicts, homeless, ex-inmates, or psychotic making the choice of retaliation very critical. If the thief carries a weapon, it makes de-escalation techniques of prime concern. Meanwhile, I think about my office building and wonder if the current system is adequate enough. I will have more peace of mind once I find out.

I talk with the maintenance supervisor and ask for a tour of the various parts of the security system including the light sensors. I ask if they are in the best locations and if thought has been given to this necessity. He told me that there were only a few, that the budget did not mandate more. I froze. This is not acceptable. Now it was time to approach the building manager or owner. We have to install many more. They are incredibly effective so why skimp. It was a big oversight. Who on earth was their consultant? I will take it upon myself to make recommendations after walking around the building and touring the lobby area. I assume it will be obvious where to put the new sensors after reading I have agreed to be present when the security company arrives. They assure me that it is their job to know about placement and the technician was shocked that the current system was so inadequate. They were not the culprit he maintains. I can see that he is on the defensive.

I spend the weekend in the office building to test the new sensors and ask some Facebook friends to role play being intruders to see how far they can get before the alarm sounds. I want to know that the police or security company patrol car will come in seconds. I see that it works well and I am satisfied. I encourage readers to get involved in their own self defense precautions. You never know if someone will want to work nights or weekends. They should be allowed this privilege and not have to fear for their lives. Some buildings have an automatic turn-off system for the ceiling lighting to save on utilities. Just the same as the AC system. There should be a way to activate at least the lobby where most thieves or vandals will enter.

The first thing Monday morning, take it upon yourself to check on your office security. As your colleagues to join in to protest a non-existent system. It may be modest due to budget constraints. Remember, you can’t spend enough on personal safety. Incidents can happen anywhere, even a supposed locked building. There are always ways to get in.